Monday, 5 January 2015

2014 Year in Review - Top Global Funds

It's time to give the annual review of the Top Global Funds from the previous year as we begin a new year! May you have more blessings this coming year!

Here is an update of the Top Global Funds for the whole of 2014:

Although India still remained dominant for the year, there are quite a few other countries and other thematic funds that made it to the Top 10. China, Singapore and an Alternative Investment fund made it to the final list!

An additional ranking (3 year performance ranking) was added for this article.

*Only the country, region or themes are listed. Specific fund names are not revealed for the general public 
**Each fund listed are managed by different managers unless the difference is based on currency 
***Only Retail and Accredited Investor (AI) funds available in Singapore are listed 
****Past performance is not an indication of future results 

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