Thursday, 8 January 2015

2015 Global and Philippines Investment Outlook, Singapore (with Jess Uy & EastSpring) - 24Jan2015

2015 - New Year, New Market Opportunities

A New Year brings new market opportunities - both Globally and in the Philippines. 

In this upcoming Investment Outlook 2015 seminar, I will be discussing global market trends for 2015. 

Major central banks are changing their policies as their economies move toward different paths. What trends should investors look out for in 2015? China is growing with the opening of the China A-shares market, what kind of impact will that have on investors’ global portfolios? Which markets and sectors should we consider and which ones should we avoid? 

How will the Philippine market stack up against other emerging markets? Which sectors and themes are worth considering for 2015? 

Join me for a morning of insightful discussions on major market trends and opportunities in 2015, together with investment specialist Michael Woolley (Eastspring Investments). 
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