Sunday, 8 March 2015

Top Global Funds - Feb 2015

Changing of the Guard!

It's still early in the race for the top performing global funds in 2015 and in just two (2) months, the top global fund ranking have already changed. February was a very strong month for Russia such that it leapt from nowhere to sprint to almost 20% gain in just one month! I have been talking about this market since the Global Investment Outlook 2015 given in January and for those who pounced on the opportunity, they were greatly rewarded.

On other updates, the PHILIPPINES Equity Fund (Singapore based fund manager) dropped 14-15 spots compared to last month's ranking. Nonetheless, it's huge lead compared to other Philippine equity funds remains the same. It is the only known fund as of this writing that have garnered double digit returns so far in 2015. It's outperformance compared to the 2nd place fund for the Philippine category is more than 37%.

In other parts of the world, some surprising funds broke into the top 10 rankings (YTD): 

1. European property for example, seemed to have rebounded quite fast. 

2. Japan had a strong month which was also one of the recommended markets for the short term as mentioned in the Global Investment Outlook 2015. 

3. Europe while also recommended was more for the longer term play as they have not fully shown they are breaking out of their slow growth. The European market has been battered for a while and there is a chance of a good rebound just like what happened to the USA in 2013. 

4. India is maintaining it's momentum from last year's spectacular run where the top Indian fund generated more than 60% return in 2014.

*Only the country, region or themes are listed. Specific fund names are not revealed for the general public 
**Each fund listed are managed by different managers unless the difference is based on currency 
***Only Retail and Accredited Investor (AI) funds available in Singapore are listed 
****Past performance is not an indication of future results 
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