Sunday, 10 May 2015

Top Global Funds - April 2015

+47.38% YTD Performance of April 2015 Winner!

Catching up with the global rankings update, here is the latest one. 

Some funds are not valued exactly on the same date as each fund manager has their own timing on when to release their results as well as variations such as funds that only value their holdings once or twice a month.

The Q1 winner has now been trumped!!! Although the Russian funds still generated excellent returns on a year to date (YTD) basis e.g. 28.59% to 32.34%, the Chinese funds just dominated the top 10 global rankings by taking up 70% of the list with the top fund generating 47.38% returns. Seven (7) out of the Top 10 list are China funds while the rest are Russian. 

This is just a great reminder that people are rewarded when they diversify. Diversification can have two (2) main benefits: 

1.) Capturing Growth
2.) Reducing Risks

Unfortunately, the PHILIPPINES Equity Fund (Singapore-based fund manager) dropped from being ranked 25th and 27th to 219th and 221st. This is almost a free fall in the global rankings but nonetheless, one month performance does not determine the rest of the year. The highest performance YTD for local Philippine Equity Managers as of April 30, 2015 is 7.92%.

*Only the country, region or themes are listed. Specific fund names are not revealed for the general public 
**Each fund listed are managed by different managers unless the difference is based on currency 
***Only Retail and Accredited Investor (AI) funds available in Singapore are listed 
****Past performance is not an indication of future results 
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