ANC On The Money: Starting Out in Global Investing
ANC On The Money: Fiscal Cliff & Frontier vs Emerging Markets
Wealth Arki with Jess Uy, The Global Investor - Live Q&A and discussion on Global Investing

The Global Investor

Jess Uy is a global investor, wealth planner, speaker, personal finance resource person for TV, radio, magazines; and a financial literacy advocate among Filipino Expats and OFWs globally. He is a licensed practitioner in the financial industry and is based in Singapore. Jess has been managing investment portfolios for almost 20 years helping clients protect and optimize their financial resources through diversified global investment strategies.

25 Countries

My goal is to create dollar
millionaires one Filipino at a time wherever they may be.

20 Years

I have been helping OFWs
achieve financial freedom for
almost two decades.

50 - 100% gain

Even amidst a global pandemic,
my clients have achieved 50-100%
gain in their portfolios.

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Wherever you are in the world, you can break free from the rat race and achieve financial freedom sooner through proven and diversified investment portfolios.

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