Financial Advisor of Choice for Global Filipino Investors

I help executives, business owners and professionals protect and grow their wealth through global investment solutions.

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Your Partner in Achieving
Financial and Life Goals Faster

Jess ensures your wealth is protected and growing in the right places so you have more time and energy to focus on what matters beyond money. 

Protect You and Your Family's Health

Sleep well at night when you and your loved ones are protected from any medical or accidental emergencies. 

Fund Your Children's Education

Create a long-term plan to fund your children's future and set them up for success in life! 

Confidently Grow Your Wealth 

Get a holistic financial review and set up a customized portfolio that's just right for you.

Live the Life You Want

Travel and experience life to its fullest when you know your retirement is secure.

Protect Your Legacy

Plan how you can support your loved ones and your advocacies even when you're gone. 

Holistic Financial Planning 

"One of the reasons why I like working with Jess is because he takes the time and really listens to understand my goals and helps me plan for my future. 

Not to mention, he's willing to help even if there's no investment or product to be bought! That's why I highly recommend and trust him!" 


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About Jess

Jess Uy is the financial advisor of choice of many Filipino executives, business owners, and OFWs all around the world. Even popular financial advisors in the Philippines invest with Jess and trust him for their global investments. His clientele is also often remarked as the "silent rich" Filipinos who want to protect and build their wealth beyond local opportunities. 

He is the go-to financial speaker and advisor for global investments. He's often invited to speak and guest in TV, radio, and magazines in Dubai, Singapore, Philippines, New Zealand and Australia to share how Filipinos all over the world can leverage global opportunities. 

He is also multi-awarded financial advisor with over 2 decades experience in global investing. His goal for all his clients is to become dollar-millionaires through hard work, consistency and not taking short cuts. 



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His goal for all his clients is for all of us to become dollar millionaires.


Liezel Borromeo

Flexible investing, from anywhere in the world


25 countries

My goal is to create dollar millionaires one Filipino at a time, wherever they may be.

20 years

I have been helping executives, business owners and OFWs
achieve financial freedom 
for more than two decades.

#1 Trusted Advisor

Clients happily refer me to their friends which has led to 
me winning multiple awards in our company. 

A Holistic Wealth and Investment Planner

"Because Jess is not limited to a single financial company, he remains unbiased in recommending investments that are well suited for you!" 

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General Disclaimer 

Jess Uy is representing Synergy Financial Advisers Ltd with RNF # JEL100071070